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    Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (“E-Caps”) have a wide application in different fields including consumer electronics, telecom equipment, computers, industrial, medical and automobile products, etc. Due to their cost effective nature and ability to provide high capacitance and high voltage simultaneously. The market demand worldwide is huge and is continually growing.

    Man Yue’s vision is to be one of the leading global E-Cap suppliers, servicing all famous brand electronic products manufacturers around the world. According to a research report published by a renowned researched institute in the USA, Man Yue ranked number 5 in the global E-Cap suppliers list.

    Man Yue’s mission is to offer a full range of superior quality E-Cap products to satisfy various customers’ needs around the world by continuing to invest in research and development and manufacturing facilities, develop product with customers jointly and deliver new products to different markets from time to time.

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